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Established in 1958

About Mouth and foot painters South Africa

The South African office was opened June 1958 in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

In 2015 after fifty seven years in Kempton Park Gauteng, the offices relocated to George in the Western Cape Province.

George Office

Marketing of products are done by the administrative office in George in the Western Cape. Here all of the artwork that is done by the South African artist is received on a yearly basis….Read More

The Founder

The first president of the association – Arnulf Erich Stegmann – was a prominent figure in the development of mouth and foot painting. Born in 1912 in Darmstadt, Germany, Stegmann lost the use of both arms from polio at the age of two. Regardless, his artistic talents were soon recognized and supported by his teachers. He was proficient with a variety of brushes and styles, using only his mouth….Read More

Arnulf Erich Stegmann


Brief Summary of the History of the AMFPA

In 1947, Arnulf Erich Stegmann resolved that in future he would work together with all his colleagues who, like himself, create works of art using the mouth or foot. So it came about that, in 1957, the first General Assembly was held in Vaduz, to carry out the official founding of the AMFPA. This was the beginning of the 50-year success story.

Besides President Arnulf Erich Stegmann, the Managing Board was composed of the artists Corry F. Riet from the Netherlands and Charles Pasche from Switzerland, as well as Legal Advisor Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner….Read More

Firs General Assembly


Serge Maudet’s hands and legs have been paralysed since birth. Already as a child his mother taught him to use his mouth and to hold a pencil between his teeth. “I was born with a brush between my teeth. Painting was my first means of expressing myself. As a child I painted the things that I could not do and that became the tool for expressing my feelings”, says the mouthpainter. At the age of 17 he decided to take a correspondence course in accounting. However, he soon realised that he was not suited for that kind of work. He decided to dedicate himself fully to drawing. At the age of 22 he received a scholarship from the Association. In 1983 he became full member of the VDMFK. In October 2002 he was elected member of the board on the occasion of the general meeting in Lisbon….Read More

Serge Maudet

World Wide Association

The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World, registered society, (VDMFK) supports and promotes artists who, due to disability or disease, cannot create their works of art with their hands, but have to use their mouths or their feet. From a small group of 18 mouth and foot painting artists, the VDMFK developed over the course of the years into an association which is active worldwide and already represented in 78 countries of the world with currently about 815 artists.

World Map

The roots of the MFPA go back to 1956, when Erich Stegmann, a polio-stricken mouth painter, gathered a small band of disabled artists from eight European countries. Their ultimate goal was to make their living through their artistic efforts, and to obtain a sense of work security that until then had eluded them.
Coupling his creative abilities with business acumen, Stegmann established the MFPA as a co-operative organization that reproduces its artists work mainly in the form of cards, calendars and books….Read More



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