Winston CornishDate of birth: 13.10.1940

Place of birth: Brakpan

Painting style: Mouth painter

Student of VDMFK since: 2010

Winston Lenred Cornish was born on 13 October 1940 in Brakpan in South Africa. At the age of three he and his family moved to Zimbabwe. He spent his school years there. As a pupil he was artistically very talented and received distinctions in art and drafting. After he finished school he moved to Lake Kariba. From there he moved to Uganda and then to Zambia where he worked in the Anglo-American-Mine in the copper belt. He married in 1965 and in 1966 moved to South Africa with his wife. At about that time he set up a studio at home and began to become active as an artist. When the bush war in Rhodesia reached its climax, he had an additional income. In 1981 he established his own electrical and irrigation company in White River and Nelspruit, South Africa. As a hobby and to have an additional income he continued to be involved in art. 

While on holiday on the Southern coast of Natal he became the victim of a bathing accident on 1 January 2000. He was hit in the neck by the surfboard of a young surfer and instantly became tetraplegic. He thought that he would be on the safe side with his platinum health insurance, but in the end he had to pay everything himself and thus lost everything that he had built up over the years. From his large house he had to move to a 64 square metre cabin where life is very difficult for a person confined to the wheelchair. As he can no longer move his arms, he was encouraged to try to paint with his mouth.