Paul Smook.bmp

Date of birth: 26.09.1961

Place of birth: De Doorns, South Africa

Painting style: Mouth painter

Student of VDMFK since: 2009

Paul SMOOK was born on 26 September 1961 in De Dooms. He attended high school in George and did two years of military service. He began a carpentry apprenticeship. There was an opening for a wood carver and he took the job for the next three years. He continued his sculptor's career at home in Groenvlei. A short time later he had a diving accident where he broke his neck and became tetraplegic. He has no use of his extremities anymore. After six months in hospital in Cape Town he returned to his parents in Groenvlei and lived with them until December 2007. He then moved to his sister's in Gansbaai, where he is still living. In December 2007 he began to paint with his mouth. He took five hours of private lessons with an art teacher and he wants to gain more independence through painting. Living in Knysna.