patrick botto

Date of birth: 18/09/1970

Place of birth: 

Painting style: Mouth painter

Associate member of VDMFK since: 2000

On 12 November 1993 I was involved in a motor car accident where I broke my neck between the 4th and 5th vertebra. That left me paralyze from the neck down. In 1998 I started to learn to paint with my mouth and started art classes at Bellville library under Martie Westraad for 5 years. My first painting took me 4 months to complete, but I endured. In 2000 I was accepted as a student at the Mouth and Foot Painters Association of Switzerland and in March 2015 I was promoted to Associate Member. I started painting with acrylics and moved over to water mixable-oil. I like to paint landscapes; flowers; animals; and still live’s.

2016 05 12 11.32.13 110930b x200
11.32.13 11.09.30b
60cm x 30cm 29cm x 38cm
R4000 R1000