Konrad Gerber

Date of birth: 27.05.1977

Place of birth: Port Elizabeth

Painting style: Mouth painter

Student of VDMFK since: 2004

Born on 27 May 1977 in Port Elizabeth.

On 6 December 1998 the student of architecture was injured in a diving accident with damage to the 6th cervical vertebra, which resulted in the loss of the use of legs and arms.

He began to paint with the mouth in August 2002. His great enthusiasm made him develop his skill while teaching himself to paint.

He is currently enrolled in a painting and art course at the "Quad House".

111311 x200 113115 x200 DSC 0037
11.13.11 11.31.15 Waves
51xm x 41cm 29cm x 42cm 51cm x 40cm
R4600 R500 R4700