Photo Swart IDate of birth: 07.06.1968

Place of birth: Pretoria

Painting style: Mouth painter

Student of VDMFK since: 2012

Kelly Swart was born on 7 June 1968 in Pretoria (South Africa). In 1985 he completed his school education in Pretoria and subsequently worked for the penitentiary authorities. On 2 March 1987 he suffered an injury to the spinal cord at C3-C5 and thus became tetraplegic. He has no use of any of his limbs.

Despite the adverse circumstances Kelly Swart enrolled at the university of Pretoria in 1992 and took the following degrees: MA in clinical psychology (UP), BA with an exam in the speciality psychology (UP), BA in psychology (UP).

After having watched VDMFK student member Tom Webster paint with the mouth one day, he decided to have a go at mouth painting himself, which turned out to be a promising undertaking for him. While studying on his own, he was able to make significant progress within a very short time, and he painted a wide range of subjects, such as flowers, landscapes, and even animals.