Marzinger PhotoDate of birth: 18.10.1971

Place of birth: Piet Retief

Painting style: Mouth painter

Associate member of VDMFK since: 2005

Dieter Marzinger was born on 18 October 1971 in Piet Retief (South Africa).

Prior to his grave accident in May 2002 Dieter Marzinger was a karate trainer and teacher - he became tetraplegic (fracture at C5 / C6 vertebrae) because of a dive into a river.

In November 2002 he made the first attempts at painting with the mouth. From the very start he painted on his own and was able to make considerable progress within a short time.

The artist predominantly paints South African landscapes.


 DSC 0138  


DSC 0025

 Purple field   Wolf
 50cm x 76cm   46.5cm x 46.5cm
 R5000   R4369