Justice S. May

justice 01Student: 01-03-1989

Member since: 01-03-2000

Was born on 1st March 1968 in Durban. At the age of 18 he fractured his neck in a diving accident. Justice started painting with his mouth and received his bursary in 1989 from the Association. He received full membership during the year 2000. He lived in Pretoria.

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54cm x 43cm 63cm x 56cm
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Freddie Botha

fredie botha

Born on 26 August 1965 in Pretoria.  In 1983 he matriculated and April 1986 he fractured his neck in a terrible motorcar accident which left him paralyzed from the neck down.  The Association granted him a bursary in 1993.  Freddie painted with his mouth and lived in Lat Wiel, Pretoria.




Elsie Fouché

elsie fouche

Born 21 February 1954 in Polokwane.  In 1978 a diving accident fractured her neck and left her paralysed from her neck down.  She painted with her mouth.  In September the same year she was granted a bursary from the Association.  Elsie lived in Ry-ma-in in Linden, Johannesburg.

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